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Immerse yourself in an exhilarating nocturnal adventure unlike any other...

Prepare to unleash your inner adventurer as you undertake an 'escape and evasion' game navigating through the shadowy countryside, testing your wits, teamwork, and strategic thinking under the cloak of night.

Forest Trail

The Experience

It is dark. The moonlight gives a silver shimmer to the countryside laid out in front of you as you strain your eyes to find any evidence of the Hunter Force trying to find you. Your eyes are adjusting to the dark but now you can hear your heart beating so loud you think it will give you away.

A few minutes ago you and your team 'escaped' your captor and now you need to find out where you are and navigate to your first checkpoint to discretely contact an agent who will give you further instructions that will enable your team to safely get through the next 14 hours whilst evading the elite force tracking you down.

Night Sky

Who is this for?

Whether you are seeking the ultimate thrill, wanting to build a stronger team, or just love the outdoors , this experience promises an unforgettable night of camaraderie and adventure.

A certain level of fitness is required to get the most out of the event. Evading teams are likely to cover 20 to 30km on foot, exposed to the elements, over a period of up to 14 hours.

Alternatively, if you would prefer the warmth of a vehicle, a flask of coffee and the occasional power nap then maybe you could join Hunter Force?

Forest Path


Each event will have specific timings which will depend on sunset times, weather and other local factors. A typical schedule looks like this:

Friday 1900hrs: Competitors arrive 

2000hrs: Pre-event Briefing

2130hrs: Transport to release point

2200hrs: Evaders released

2210hrs: Hunter Force released

Saturday 1200hrs: Hunter Force called off

1210hrs: Game closes

1300hrs: Lunch (provided)

1330hrs: Prize giving and debrief

1400hrs: Competitors depart

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